A Series - Carbon Steel

The Original Self-Closing Safety Gate

This series of FabEnCo Safety Gates is available in carbon steel, as well as aluminum and stainless steel for special applications/environments. FabEnCoatTM finishes include galvanized and environmentally-friendly safety yellow powder coated.

Easy to Install

Stainless Steel Spring

Positive Stop

Variety of FabEnCoat™ Finishes

Fits on All Handrails

Mounts Left or Right

A Series self-closing, double bar safety gate

A Series - Carbon Steel

(safety yellow powder coated pictured)

12" Vertical Coverage

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A36 Carbon Steel Galvanized

Model No.      Fits Clear Opening*      Estimated Weight

   A71-16                 17-18.5”                         30 lbs.

   A71-18                 19-21.5’’                         31 lbs.

   A71-21                 22-24.5’’                         31 lbs.

   A71-24                 25-27.5’’                         32 lbs.

   A71-27                 28-30.5’’                         32 lbs.

   A71-30                 31-33.5’’                         33 lbs.

   A71-33                 34-36.5’’                         33 lbs.

   A71-36                 37-39.5’’                         34 lbs.


A36 Carbon Steel with Safety Yellow Powder Coat

Model No.      Fits Clear Opening*      Estimated Weight

 A71-16PC              17-18.5’’                         30 lbs.

 A71-18PC              19-21.5’’                         31 lbs.

 A71-21PC              22-24.5’’                         31 lbs.

 A71-24PC              25-27.5’’                         32 lbs.

 A71-27PC             28-30.5’’                          32 lbs.

 A71-30PC             31-33.5’’                          33 lbs.

 A71-33PC             34-36.5’’                          33 lbs.

 A71-36PC             37-39.5’’                          34 lbs.

*No adjustment when mounting at right angle; 1/4” inch allowed for pivot point


The standard sizes listed above are stock items. FabEnCo also manufactures custom safety gates for wider openings or unusual handrail configurations. Please contact us with your special requirements.






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