In addition to our standard series of safety gates, Fabenco offers our customers the ability to order custom safety gates to meet their unique applications.

In general, there are three types of custom gates:
• Custom length, standard mount
• Custom length, custom mount
• Standard length, custom mount

If you’d like a quote on a custom gate, please fill out the form below and click on the “Submit” button. Our Product Engineer will review your information and contact you regarding your options and costs.

Step 1: If possible, please upload a photograph or a drawing of the opening to be protected

Step 2: Determine the size of the clear opening to be protected

*To determine the clear opening for Fabenco safety gates, measure in inches the unprotected opening from rail-to-rail or rail-to-wall.

Please check the size of the clear opening to be protected:
9" - 16" • Custom Length (smaller)17" - 39" • Standard Length40" - 62" • Option 1: Mount two standard length gates in a saloon style *Take opening size, divide in half, determine standard size needed40" - 62" • Option 2: Mount a single length gate - *Recommended size is 2" shorter than clear opening size - up to 60" *Custom length gate has two mounting plates and offers top rail/mid rail coverage with support bars in frame63" - 124" • Mount two gates in a saloon style - Two standard length or two custom length gates (depending on opening size)

Step 3: Determine the mounting style

What type of handrail?
PipeAngleFlat BarChannelMultiple Types (for one opening)Square TubeWall

Step 4: Specify additional options/requirements/considerations

Swing Direction

Installed on elevated platform or ground level application
Elevated platformGround level

Required vertical coverage

Toe Board (extends vertical coverage to floor, includes 4" toe board) : YesNo

Expanded metal : YesNo

Full 12-gauge metal (looks like flat sheet metal) : YesNo

Impact bumpers : YesNo

Locking or latching capability

Specific application and/or location

Desired material and/or coating

Step 5: Specify quantity -  

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