Toe Board Kit – Optional Clamp-On Extension for Z, XL and RX Gates


Toe Board Kit – Optional Clamp-On Extension for Z, XL and RX Gates


Fabenco’s safety gate toe board kit provides top rail to floor coverage, with a kick plate that keeps small objects from falling from the platform or walkway.

Easy to Install
provides continued handrail/toe board protection across platform safety gate openings.


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Product Description

A. Spacer Bar – 1pc.
B. Clamp Clips – 4pc.
C. Clip Bolts – 2pc.
D. Height Adjustment Bolts – 4pc.toeboard

Suggested Tools – 7/32″ Allen Wrench and 11/16″ Socket

Toe Board Installation

Step 1 – Pull Toe Board Frame open to match safety gate frame.
Step 2 – Center Spacer Bar (A) on bottom rail of safety gate.
Step 3 – Align top of Toe Board Frame with safety
gate frame.
Step 4 – Slide Clamp Clips (B) in place and align holes with threaded holes in Spacer Bar (A).
Step 5 – Tighten Clamp Clips (B) to Spacer Bar (A) with Clip Bolts (C) to secure assembly.
Step 6 – Set Toe Board height and secure Height Adjustment Bolts (D) using a 11/16” socket.

Additional Information


Carbon Steel Galvanized, Carbon Steel Red Primer, Carbon Steel Safety Yellow Enamel, Carbon Steel Yellow Powder Coat


21-24″, 27-30″

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