RX Series – Standard Bolt-On Extended Coverage Industrial Safety Gates


RX Series – Standard Bolt-On Extended Coverage Industrial Safety Gates


The RX Series self-closing safety gate can be used effectively as an access control safety gate or a stairway gate. The R and RX Series self-closing safety gates were originally developed as metal alternatives to plastic swing gates.

• Easy to Install – can be installed in minutes on all types of handrails
• Low Cost – competitively priced
• Stainless Steel Spring – our custom-made stainless steel spring automatically closes the gate after each passage
• Positive Stop – our unique stop mechanism provides positive stop without handrail post contact
• Variety of Fabencoat™ Finishes – available in galvanized or safety yellow powder coated

*Also Available Upon Request

  • Receiver Plate – Mounting adapter required for pipe post handrail installation
    (See mounting tips below)
  • Stop Plate – Restrictor plate required for 90° stop position gate installation
    (See mounting tips below)




Optional - See Mounting Tips Above

Optional - See Mounting Tips Above

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Product Description

Determining the proper gate size for your application only requires the measurement of the inside clear opening.

A36 Galvanized Steel

Model No. Fits Clear Opening* Estimated Weight
RX70-18L 19″-21.5″ 28 lbs.
RX70-18R 19″-21.5″ 28 lbs.
RX70-21L 22″-24.5″ 28 lbs.
RX70-21R 22″-24.5″ 28 lbs.
RX70-24L 25″-27.5″ 30 lbs.
RX70-24R 25″-27.5″ 30 lbs.
RX70-27L 28″-30.5″ 30 lbs.
RX70-27R 28″-30.5″ 30 lbs.
RX70-30L 31″-33.5″ 32 lbs.
RX70-30R 31″-33.5″ 32 lbs.
RX70-33L 34″-36.5″ 32 lbs.
RX70-33R 34″-36.5″ 32 lbs.

A36 Carbon Steel with Safety Yellow Powder Coat

Model No. Fits Clear Opening* Estimated Weight
RX70-18PCL 19″-21.5″ 28 lbs.
RX70-18PCR 19″-21.5″ 28 lbs.
RX70-21PCL 22″-24.5″ 28 lbs.
RX70-21PCR 22″-24.5″ 28 lbs.
RX70-24PCL 25″-27.5″ 30 lbs.
RX70-24PCR 25″-27.5″ 30 lbs.
RX70-27PCL 28″-30.5″ 30 lbs.
RX70-27PCR 28″-30.5″ 30 lbs.
RX70-30PCL 31″-33.5″ 32 lbs.
RX70-30PCR 31″-33.5″ 32 lbs.
RX70-33PCL 34″-36.5″ 32 lbs.
RX70-33PCR 34″-36.5″ 32 lbs.

*“L” denotes left-hand swing
*“R” denotes right-hand swing
*No adjustment when mounting at right angle; 1/4” inch allowed for pivot point

Additional Information


19″-21.5″, 22″-24.5″, 25″-27.5″, 28″-30.5″, 31″-33.5″, 34″-36.5″


Carbon Steel Galvanized, Carbon Steel Red Primer, Carbon Steel Safety Yellow Enamel, Carbon Steel Yellow Powder Coat

Swing Direction

Left-hand Swing, Right-hand Swing


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