Safety First: Ensure Your Workplace is OSHA Compliant with Safety Swing Gates

OSHA requirements have always been a complex topic, but a new rule that took place on January 17th may have made things even more complicated. The new rule updated general safety standards specific to slip, trip and fall hazards. The rule also included a new section that established employer requirements for using personal fall protection systems. The rule’s most significant update was that it allowed employers to choose a fall protection system that works best for them, like safety swing gates.

Mezzanine Gates: Continuous Protection for Factory and Warehouse Mezzanines

The safety of any factory or warehouse is not a one and done scenario. With new regulations coming out all the time as safety standards and expectations increase, it’s important for business owners and safety managers to work in an effort to continually improve workplace standards for employee health and safety. While there might be pressure to save time and/or money, employers can rest assured that keeping up with safety always pays off. Not only are you guaranteeing the life and health of your employees, but you will no doubt save thousands of dollars in unnecessarily spent workers compensation, lost productivity and avoidable regulatory scrutiny.

Make Loading Dock Safety a Priority in Your Facility

Selecting a Loading Dock Gate

The loading dock is often a hub of activity in your facility, with your bustling crew of personnel working intently and with one purpose: to load and unload the material that is the lifeblood of your business. All signs of a healthy and thriving business. Your business.

Keep Your Facility Safe: Mezzanine Safety Tips

Mezzanine Safety Tips

Mezzanines are often exposed elevated platforms, busy with personnel, product traffic and stowage. It should come as no surprise, then, that many tragic - yet preventable - workplace accidents take place in mezzanine areas. Incidents can occur from above or below, due to falls, drops, and slippages. Such accidents can result in millions of dollars of lost annual revenue due to employee accidents and fatalities, compensatory damages, litigation, and safety code violations.

Going That Extra Inch with Extra Wide Safety Gates

Extra Wide Safety Gates

Implementing extra wide safety gates for fall protection is a crucial component to keeping your workers safe and you OSHA compliant. In some areas, a regular-sized safety gate will suffice, but in other places you will want to implement an extra wide safety gate for full fall protection. The size of the openings in areas like loading docks and mezzanines require a larger gate than the standard issue. These extra wide safety gates provide increased support, are easy-to-install and can be purchased to meet all general needs; custom safety gates can also be fabricated to meet your specific requirements. These safety gates can and should be used in all locations where workers are especially at risk and in need of fall protection.